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‘Gossip Girl’ recap: ‘Seder Anything’


If it weren’t the fact that this was a new episode of “GG” after a few months of tripping over repeats, I’d probably be pretty down on last night’s Seder-centric installment.

Aw, heck, let’s face it: It was a pretty boring hour, despite a few highlights from Cyrus, Dorota and an incredible Jenny-Chuck face-off. (With Little J unexpectedly coming out the winner!)

Rewinding on the Serena-Gabriel-Dan love triangle, did anyone seriously think that S. was married? Apparently, a bunch o’ bottles of Spanish wine, some skinnydipping and a church does not a marriage make.

Gabriel is positioned to be the show’s new dreamboat, but he’s a bit too bright and shiny for my taste. I’m suspicious of any man with brighter, blonder hair than my own.

However, speaking of hair, he is a big improvement over Serena’s last non-Humphrey boyfriend, the greasy-locked Aaron Rose (which also makes the fact that S. goes to Cyrus, Aaron’s dad, for advice about a quickie divorce a bit weird).

Anyway, there’s some odd moments when Dan pretends to be Serena’s boyfriend again, and not a cater waiter at Eleanor’s seder.

But oops, S. and G. aren’t actually married, so that frees them up to start smooching again.

Except Gabriel doesn’t appear to be through with Poppy Lifton, and the couple is clearly conspiring about something shady involving Serena. (And this was the only interesting Serena-related scene of the night, and she wasn’t even in it, which might tell you something.)

As for our other favorite love-ahs, Blair and Nate had a rocky evening, too. Blair was doing some conniving to get into the Van der Bilts’ good graces, although why she’s so gung-ho on being in Nate’s cousin’s wedding is beyond me.

And perhaps it was my satellite dish cutting out due to a rainstorm, or my supreme boredom with this plotline, but I didn’t understand why it was so important to Blair that Nate attend Yale. She’s not going there, so why does she care?

(Side note: Blair’s upcoming NYU interview – thank you, Cyrus! – is also setting viewers up for where the kids might all be going to college next season. With Dan at Yale, Nate at Columbia and Blair potentially at NYU, Serena would be the only one out of the foursome attending school out of the tri-state area. And no one really believes that Serena’s going to Brown, do they? Plus, Chuck is sure to stick around Manhattan. In fact, I’m not sure if he’s even still attending high school, much less headed for college. Bass Industries clearly doesn’t pride itself on a well-educated CEO. Ooh, and what about Vanessa? Won’t she be out of a coffee-brewing job after Rufus sells the art gallery? I’m sure any Starbucks would hire her, but that might go against whatever down-with-corporate-America attitude she’s got going on this week.)

But to wrap up the Nate-Blair business, Blair chooses to do right by Nate instead of going along with his blackmailing grandpa. Nate doesn’t see it that way until he talks to Chuck, who convinces Nate to love Blair as she is. Cut to Nate-Blair making kissy-face, which does nothing for me.

So who WAS the most interesting couple of the night? Well, that would have to be Chuck and Jenny, although not in a sleezy Basshole type of way.

After almost two full seasons of waiting, Jenny finally, FINALLY confronted Chuck about, you know, the fact that he tried to date rape her at the Kiss on the Lips party in the early days of “GG.” (Chuck’s disgusting behavior was way before the show realized how popular C. would be. But after such a long time, why have him apologize now? Still, it was kind of cool that the writers acknowledged his despicable actions.)

So what else did you like – or hate – about this episode, boys and girls? Comment away below, and get ready for a repeat-free ride from now until the May 18 finale!!

Oh, and if you haven’t already, check out the Dorota webisode series here.

They’re hilarious – and yes, you heard her right – she’s Countess Dorota!

(Photos courtesy of the CW)

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