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‘Gossip Girl’ recap: ‘Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’


Okay, so why hasn’t anyone on “Gossip Girl” figured out that Serena might mean well, but Girlfriend has terrible judgment?

Gabriel’s a good guy? She trusts him? In my book, that would be the signal to run for the hills – not start investing the kids’ college tuition. (Rufus, what were you thinking?!?) After all, wasn’t S. all worried that she’d mistakenly married this guy in Spain, like, 10 minutes ago? So much for that trust factor.

Chuck and Blair would have served the Upper East Side better by staying at that cocktail party and hitting those socialites upside the head for listening to Gabriel’s nonsense about third world countries and Internet access, not traipsing into the wilds of Connecticut to find Georgina Sparks.

(And how dumb are these people, giving this fool money? Gabriel’s company will give free wireless Internet access to poor Africans? I think the folks there might be more concerned about access to clean water and decent medical care than not being able to Twitter.)

And wasn’t that “Chuck and Blair must find Georgina” storyline shoehorned in?

As Serena put it, “Butter, really?” That’s what Gabriel’s proof of guilt is going to be, that some Manhattan hotspot was closed on a certain night in question? As if the guy couldn’t just say, oops, I was drunk, I’m new in town, I thought that’s where we were partying?

But no, that wouldn’t give the show an excuse to bring back Miss Born-Again Sparks.

Although I have to admit that any excuse to throw Chuck and Blair together is a pretty good one…

So the upshot of the Gabriel situation is that he and Poppy Lifton have been using Serena to scam her rich pals for all they’re worth.

From the looks of things, this new company is a sham. He’s gotten a stack of cash from Lily, Rufus and a bunch of other equally dimwitted investors, so it’s time to leave town. I suspect that Poppy’s “I gave him a half-million dollars!” hysteria is faked, to throw suspicion off her. She’ll likely be joining him in Majorca once the dust settles.

But this also probably means that Dan won’t be going to Yale – and Rufus won’t be asking Lily to marry him. A man probably doesn’t want to propose with a ring that his kids had to buy for him. Even if he did insist on paying them back.

The Gabriel problem also gave Blair and Chuck a reason to slip back into their favorite extracurricular activity: surveillance. (And don’t you just love learning that Dorota knows her way around spy equipment?!?)

First, they got together to follow Gabriel. Then they agreed to track down Georgina. All under the guise of helping Serena, of course.

Which obviously didn’t sit well with Nate. The boy might be as dumb as a bag of hammers, but even he realizes that limos, Blair and Chuck are not a trustworthy combination. Then again, he does know how to navigate New York’s subway system.

Anyway, so much for that man-to-man chat Nate and Chuck had about Blair over a game of hoops. Although Nate should know by now that you can’t trust a guy who wears an ascot and what looked suspiciously like a Juicy sweatsuit to play basketball, even if he is your best friend.

(God, Chuck Bass, I just might love your fashion sense more than Serena’s or Blair’s.)

Speaking of God, that’s apparently what saved Georgina Sparks from a life at Boot Camp for Spoiled Rich Girls.

Instead, G.’s been spending time at a camp for born-again Christians, where she claims she’s found Jesus.

Chuck’s not buying it for a second, though. And he’s probably right, since she was awfully quick to jump at the chance of seeing Blair and the Big Apple again.

Remember, Blair was the cause of G.’s ultimate downfall last season.

So do you think Georgina is back to get revenge? Or will she just try to save the entire Upper East Side?

We’ll find out next week, boys and girls. Until then, XOXO…

(Photos courtesy of the CW)

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