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‘Lost’ celebrates 100th episode tonight! Check out sneak peeks…


“Lost” celebrates its 100th episode with tonight’s installment, and it sounds like it couldn’t have chosen a better one to honor this milestone.

I’ve read that the producers didn’t plan for “The Variable” to mark the show’s centennial, but having Daniel Faraday finally spill all that he knows about the island seems pretty appropriate to me.

Not only does Daniel supposedly offer up some mind-blowing explanations about Mystery Island, but – AND HERE’S THE OBLIGATORY SPOILER ALERT! – this episode features characters that may just fill in the blanks on Daniel’s back story, too.

I’m talking about the Widmores (young and old!) and Eloise Hawking (young and old!). I’m talking about Theresa, Daniel’s old Oxford girlfriend whose mind was scrambled by his time-travel experiments.

And I’m speculating that we might discover the surprise identity of Daniel’s caretaker, who at some point in time was helping the brain-addled scientist when he was crying over a news report about Oceanic 815 (and whose face we oddly never saw).

There’s also major gossip that the major death that’s been floating around the “Lost” rumor mill happens TONIGHT!

You’ll have to search the blogosphere yourself if you want to know who may or may not be a goner, but check out the video below for a taste of what else is to come in this big kahuna of an episode.

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Want a little more? Click on through…

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Check back here tomorrow for our weekly episode analysis! And can you believe there’s only one more episode until the May 13 finale?

(Photo courtesy of ABC)

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