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Save Chuck! Oh, and check out tonight’s comedy lineup on NBC


Well, I’m down to three shows that I watch regularly and they’re all on Thursday nights.

Chuck, Heroes, Sarah Connor, BSG and Flight of the Conchords have all called it a season. I kind of wish what remained were spread out a little more. It makes for a solidly funny but exhausting effort for this whiny TV blogger.

Before I lay out the must-see lineup, I want to remind you all to check out PleaseSaveChuck.com for the latest on the efforts to save the best show on television. The NBC upfronts are Tuesday, so a decision on Season 3 is imminent. Watch the show on Hulu, buy a Subway footlong, send a letter to Ben Silverman and tell your friends. Saving Chuck is the must crucial task facing our nation. You know, besides all the other stuff.</p>

<p>8:30 — Parks and Recreation

Boy’s Club — Leslie tries to make her way into the old boys club of politics by going to a casual get-together, but she quickly faces a tough ethical choice. Meanwhile, Andy has a secret plan to surprise Ann.

This is episode four of a six-episode run, and this show is pretty solid and consistently funny so far. Already, Chris Pratt’s occasional one-liners have stolen the show for me, but Amy Poehler is showing she can anchor her own show. I’d like to see them do more with Rashida Jones, who I’m reminded I really like when I’m not confusing her with Karen Filippelli.</p>

<p>9:00 — The Office

Casual Friday — Michael has to mediate a dispute within his new sales team. Meanwhile, trouble brews in the office when several employees take the term “casual” Fridays too loosely.

Really? After the last several momentous episodes we’re doing a “casual Friday” episode? I have to figure this summary is as misleading as last week’s summary about Angela and the company policy. I am curious what the dispute could be, and I hope it has to do with Dwight’s strained relations with Michael in the wake of Charles’s brief reign.

9:30 — 30 Rock

The Natural Order — After Liz reprimands Tracy in front of the “TGS” staff, he decides to straighten up his act and start acting like a professional. Once Tracy agrees to no longer receive any preferential treatment, he feels that Liz should give up certain privileges as well. Jack’s mother Colleen comes to visit revealing unpleasant memories about Jack’s father leaving the family. Jenna adopts a pet gibbon and learns the perils of motherhood.

Anything Tracy does is funny. Tracy trying not to be funny, therefore, should be super-funny. Funny-squared, if you will. Elaine Stritch’s mama Donaghy does nothing for me, either as a character or as a complication in Jack’s life. Still, dredging up his weird youth is usually good fodder for laughs. Now I have to go look up what a gibbon is. Doesn’t matter, though. Jenna’s always funny too.

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