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Recap stalling tactics: Encouraging Chuck news (and some great disguises) and Pam changes seats at The Office


Full plate here at work today, so no time just yet to recap the awesomeness that was last night’s comedy lineup on NBC, aka “When Gibbons Attack.”

But to tide you over in the meantime, I’ll just share one of the best deleted scenes The Office has had in a long while. It addresses the oh-so key issue of Pam joining Jim’s and Dwight’s sales desk cluster. As usual, the best deleted scenes are the ones that never should have been deleted.

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Also, things remain active on the “Save Chuck!” front, with the webisphere keeping the attention level up and the fandom tensely awaiting word from NBC, which should make its decision on or before Tuesday.

For all the latest news, and Web master James Fan’s action proposal to the network, check out PleaseSaveChuck.com. James links to some encouraging reports from The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

And for a few laughs, check out this blogger’s carefully (and obviously painstakingly) compiled list of John Casey’s best disguises. A lot of people love the DJ, as do I, but my favorite has to be the nerd, from “Chuck Versus the Dream Job.”

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