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The 30 Rock recap: The Natural Order


I would watch a show based entirely around Jane Krakowski, Tracy Morgan and wild monkey.

30 Rock‘s “The Natural Order” packed lots of laughs: Florida is America’s Australia; Colleen had to change hotels because the concierge has a beard and she’d rather not get raped; and Simon Cowell is the new Kruschev.

It also reminded me a lot of Season 1’s “Jack-tor.” There, Tracy played on Liz’s latent racial guilt, over assuming he couldn’t read, in order to score special treatment. This time, though, he played on her demands that he do what’s expected of everyone else so he could make her give up her own special treatment.

After watching her struggle with that five-gallon water cooler bottle, I reached one conclusion: Tina Fey shouldn’t do physical comedy.

That gibbon, on the other hand, should be Conan’s first guest.

I honestly thought it was shockingly racist for the show to have a scene in which a monkey filled in for a black leading character on the show-within-the-show. I have no idea whether the fact that the monkey was more professional helps or not. Either way, I’d give the show a Race Card.

To have Jenna fall for the furry fella was an odd turn that paid off big time, right down to the sailor suit. Kenneth warned her it was a wild animal, but she assured him the little guy was plenty happy, just that the mariachi costume was hiding his erection.

Kenneth knows better, though, and somehow managed to top that jaw-dropper of a line.

“As a child I had a prized pig that I thought was my best friend. But then, one day, I picked up one of her piglets. She went crazy. She bit off my nutsack…that I kept tied around my belt to feed squirrels.”

And of course Jenna gets mauled in the end, which may be what the episode title is about because it seemed so right.

Anyway, if Liz was channeling a bad Murphy Brown episode, Jack was at the center of a regurgitated Golden Girls plot.

Jack’s mom is in town, and I realized I don’t care if I never hear Elaine Stritch’s voice on this show again. Sorry ma’am. The whole “Jack’s got mommy issues” storyline is plain stale. Now she’s dating a man that Jack thinks is crooked. The still unfunny P.I. played by the usually funny Steve Buscemi says the guy is a two-timer and then rides off on his bicycle.

It’s Jack’s chance to make up for not standing up to his dad, who went for a pack of cigarettes, came back and smoked one and then walked out.

Of course it blows up in his face, as lame plot devices usually do. He probably wasn’t even Jack’s dad, if you do the math.

A few observations:

They should have let Jenna go to anger management.

Tracy gets picked up for work by a Duck Tour boat.

Liz and Grizz have a past.

Kenneth on gibbon disposal: “Don’t worry. Once it tries to mate with a child, I’m sure animal control will just shoot it.”

Lutz’s fart created quite the breeze.

Tracy said “Twist!”

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