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Chuck fans ‘Have a heart,’ take Save Chuck campaign to another level


On the spectrum of causes, the fight to cure and prevent pandemic disease is about as far as you can get from the fight to convince a network to renew your favorite TV show.

But what if the more trivial of the two could somehow benefit the more serious cause?

That’s what some fans of bubble show Chuck are hoping. If you thought the Finale and a Footlong campaign was clever, the Have a Heart—Save Chuck effort under way takes it to another level.

You can get all the details here, but the upshot is that the American Heart Association is the main charity of Chuck sponsor Subway Restaurants.

In short, fans who want to send a message to NBC are encouraged to go to the AHA donation site and make a contribution in the name of main character Chuck Bartowski. Donors can then insert addresses for top NBC execs, who’ll receive direct acknowledgment of the gift. The idea is that if boosting a sponsor’s bottom line can show the network the depths of fan support for a show, then boosting the sponsor’s favorite charity will send an additional message about how serious—and creative—those fans are.

Some might question whether there’s any substitute for eyeballs on TV screens when it comes to nudging network decision-makers one way or the other. I’m inclined to agree. That said, it’s easier to cancel a show when you figure few people will notice or care. This kind of effort shows the suits at the Peacock, and a major sponsor, that they care deeply.

And instead of mailing nuts or Nerds or whatever, fans are doing it in a way that acknowledges the bottom-line nature of the issue and that also helps a great cause. Both efforts should prompt some goodwill from the Subway folks in their dealings with NBC, which can only help the Chuck cause.

And if it doesn’t work, it’s still a losing cause you can be proud to be a part of.

Meanwhile, piecing together some of the choicer tid-bits that came out of Monday’s In-fronts coverage, it sounds like Chuck is a bargaining chip between NBC and the WB.

Nikki Finke claims Chuck’s return is tied to negotiations surrounding another WB project NBC isn’t so fond of.

As for Chuck, this gets complicated. Turns out NBC didn’t like David E Kelley’s Warner Bros pilot Legally Mad. Problem is, there’s a $2 million penalty that gets paid to WB if the network doesn’t pick up the show. So NBC is hoping to work a deal tying the renewal of Chuck, which is also a WB show, to a pass on paying that Legally Mad penalty.

Both TVGuide.com and Michael Ausiello reported that a Chuck renewal would likely entail a move from Mondays. That’s because entertainment chief Ben Silverman said Heroes would likely be paired with another show. And since Jay Leno leaves only two hours of NBC prime time a night, that leaves no room for Chuck.

That also makes sense since Chuck got slaughtered on Mondays, especially after Fox replaced Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles with the ratings powerhouse House.

I’d prefer to see a Chuck-Office-30 Rock lineup on Thursdays, but Parks and Recreation complicates that. Friday is still a dumping ground for shows networks have given up on, so I’ll be happy with a Tuesday or Wednesday time slot.

Now it’s time to go make a donation.

Photo: The Office’s Steve Carell with NBC exec Ben Silverman

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8 Responses to “Chuck fans ‘Have a heart,’ take Save Chuck campaign to another level”

  1. J.M.

    I have donated to Have a Heart—Save Chuck, have you????
    Please support our efforts to save Chuck and to raise money for the American Heart Association. Long live Chuck!

  2. Amy

    I made my dontation yesterday! Chuck is a great show and AHA is a great charity. Come on NBC!

  3. Lou

    I agree this is a creative way for fans to show their support, not only for a truly entertaining and quality TV show, but for a charity that supports critical research for controlling the nation’s #1 killer.

  4. Memphizmike

    Wow this is a great idea and yes even if nbc does not renew chuck we as fans can be proud of the fact that we helped out a great cause i will be sending in my donation seeing as how i just found out about this part of the save chuck campaign

    Nerd Herd 4 Life!!!!!!!

  5. Lily1

    CHUCK is the best show in television and Chuck fans are the most decent, nice, intelligent folks around. Chuck is one show I am proud to support. SAVE CHUCK!

  6. Andrew

    I just made my donation! Pass the word! A great campaign for two worthy causes!

  7. Janae

    This is such a clever campaign for Chuck! I made my donation today and just sent an email to Ellen DeGeneres about this.

  8. lucy

    PLEASE SAVE CHUCKK! hes the best thing on TV now! (and probley ever) im going to make a dontaion too :3


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