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‘Lost’ recap: We obsess over ‘Follow the Leader’


Those were some major life-and-death statements that bookended last night’s episode of “Lost.”

First, we had the Richard-Sun confrontation, when Sun asked Mr. FauxLiner if he recognized Kate, Jack and Hurley from the 1977 DHARMA recruits photo. His answer? He remembered them clearly because he “watched them all die.”

And by the end of the hour, Locke had revealed to Ben his true reason for taking the Others to see Jacob. It’s not to reunite “his people.” It’s so he can kill Jacob.

Wha, wha, WHAAAAT?!?!?!

That’s quite the setup for next week’s two-hour finale, isn’t it?

And how the tables have turned. When the series started, our crash survivors were the innocents of the island, clueless about the mysterious goings-on and blundering around the jungle looking for answers and rescue.

Now, Locke has supplanted Ben (and Richard) as the all-knowing Man with the Plan, and Jack is the one convinced that it’s his destiny to save the island. (Of course, he’s doing it so the “misery” of his island residence will be obliterated, but more on that later…)

So what else did we learn? Let’s dive into the details, because we’ll admit it now, dude:

“Okay, we’re from the future.”


Yes, Dr. Faraday is really, truly dead. In his case, anyway, dead is dead. But we saw his demise from the perspective of Jack and Kate last night, in terms of what happened after Mommy Dearest blasted her little boy into oblivion.

She believes Jate’s story about being from the future, especially after she recognizes her handwriting from the inscription in Daniel’s journal. She agrees to go along with the plan to detonate Jughead, so the future can be altered and she won’t kill her son.

That puts Mrs. Hawking in a slightly softer light, because it now looks like she might not have sent Daniel back to the island to murder him – but to try and save his life.

If 1977 Eloise doesn’t get Daniel’s journal with future instructions, they wouldn’t have knowledge of “the incident” or instructions on how to set off the bomb. Therefore, if the incident is averted, Flight 815 wouldn’t crash, Daniel wouldn’t get on the freighter … well, you get the picture.

Two last thoughts about Eloise: Some of you (far more sharp-eyed than I) in the blogosphere had thought that Eloise looked pregnant when she shot Daniel. Well, a young Charles Widmore’s protective pat on her belly seemed to verify that possibility. But is Widmore really Daniel’s father? Last week, I was dismissive of the theory going ’round that Richard could be Eloise’s baby daddy. But Richard’s comment that “love is complicated” as he wistfully watched Eloise and Charles together is certainly intriguing…


Poor Sawyer and Juliet. They just can’t catch a break. I think Destiny is trying to tell them that they’re not meant to be together.

First, they manage to luck out and not get beaten to death by Radzinksy and his goons. Instead, Dr. Chang puts them on the submarine to safety. They try to look on the bright side: They’ll be together and they’ll be rich! (Thanks to some foreknowledge about Microsoft stock.)

Then just the two swap “I love you’s,” wouldn’t you know it, a surprise passenger gets dumped aboard the sub.


Those “aw, crap” looks exchanged between Sawyer and Juliet were priceless – and more than a little sad.


Hurley continues to be the show’s comic relief, as shown by his complete failure to convince Dr. Chang that he’s not from the future.

“What year were you born?” “Uh, 1931.” “You’re 46?” “Yes. Yes, I am.”

The look that Miles and Jin gave each other after that was freakin’ awesome: They knew Hurley didn’t stand a chance under Chang’s interrogation.

Hurley’s been pushed to the side a little this season, but I think he might play a pivotal role in the finale.

Radzinksy’s knowledge that Hurley is working with Jack and Kate could come into play; the episode made a big deal of highlighting that fact.

And we still haven’t been told why Hurley got on the plane back to the island, or why he’s so attached to that guitar case.

Could Hugo have a secret weapon stashed away?


Hey, Mr. Alpert, is Locke the leader of the Others now? Yes?

Okay, so shut up and just do what he says.

That newly resurrected John Locke really knows how to take charge, doesn’t he? Of course, he’s being helped along a little by the fact that he knows what’s going to happen in the future – Richard will save him from bleeding to death, he’ll tell LockeĀ  he needs to die, etc. – courtesy of his island time-tripping before he got spat back into the real world.

But how does he know that Ben has never really seen Jacob? Ben didn’t confirm this, but his expression indicated that Locke was on the money.

And of course, why does Locke want to kill Jacob? And why would he tell Ben of his plan in advance? Is it because he knows that no one can stop him now? I don’t know if I like the sound of that…


For me, one flaw in this season has been Jack’s transformation from Man of Science to Man of Faith. I don’t feel that the show has done a good enough job of explaining that sudden transformation.

What exactly was Jack’s motivation to return to the island again? To save his friends? Because it’s his destiny? I’ve always felt this was vague. Even once he’s back, he admits to Kate that he was supposed to come back for a reason – but he doesn’t know what it is.

Detonating the hydrogen bomb is that reason, I suppose. It’s certainly gotten Jack off his keester and back in action.

But why? So Flight 815 would never crash and all the island “misery” they’d endured would be wiped out?

Kate seemed appalled by that suggestion, and frankly, so was I.

Not in the romantic way that Kate implied – as in, if the plane didn’t crash, they would never have met. But in a broader way, one that I can’t believe Jack hasn’t obsessed over.

True, if 815 lands safely in L.A., Charlie, Boone, Shannon, etc. would still be alive. But honestly, it’s not as if any of the 815ers were on track for happiness off the island.

Kate would be headed for jail. Jack would likely still be on the road of addiction, with a sick fixation on his ex-wife and major issues with his father. Charlie would be on drugs. Aaron would have been adopted. Sayid would never have reunited with Nadia. Sun probably would have left Jin.

And so on and so on.

So how exactly would their lives have been better?

I suspect we’ll have at least a partial answer to that question next week, which is when we presumably find out whether or not Jack & Co. succeed in preventing the incident.

And if they do, then what?

And why do I also have this sneaking suspicion – based on absolutely no spoiler information whatsoever, I swear – that we’ll see a glimpse of Claire before the season is out? Just a feeling I have…

So, how do YOU think the season will end, Lost-philes?

Speculate away in the comments section below, and tune in here next Thursday when we go over all the mind-blowing questions and answers!

(Photos courtesy of ABC)

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