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Is the ‘Gossip Girl’ spinoff happening or what?


The heads of “Gossip Girl” fans have just been spinning today with conflicting news over the fate of the proposed spinoff centered around a teenage Lily.

First, Nikki Finke’s Deadline News Daily reported that the Lily series had been officially canned, as the CW chooses new programs for its fall lineup.

Then E! Online got into the mix, citing sources who say that nothing’s been finalized yet.

As both of these outlets reported, the problem is that there’s three new shows fighting for two open slots, since “Privileged” is reportedly getting another shot and the “Melrose Place” update is an official go.

That means Lily is currently involved in a smackdown with Mischa Barton and some hot vampires.

The former “O.C.” starlet is in “The Beautiful Life,” a drama about models (doesn’t “America’s Top Model” provide enough drama?). The other contender, “Vampire Diaries,” is based on a popular book series about a high school girl torn between two blood-sucking brothers (kind of “Twilight”-lite, if such a thing is possible).

Whatever the CW decides for the fall, we’ll still get to see at least a glimpse of Lily’s wild days on Monday’s “Gossip Girl,” when Serena’s mom flashes back to the ’80s, a time when she got kicked out of boarding school and fled to L.A. to reconnect with her parents and sister. (Neither Dad nor Sis have EVER been referred to on “GG,” but whatever.)

This episode is unofficially the spinoff’s pilot. The CW is probably waiting to check out the ratings and fan reaction before making its final call, since it doesn’t have to officially announce its schedule until the May 21 upfront presentation.

So what do you think? Are you disappointed to hear that Lily’s show is struggling? Are you withholding judgment until you check out a young Lily for yourself on Monday? Or do you think one of the other new shows sounds more intriguing?

Sound off in the comments section below! And tune in here Tuesday to discuss what you thought of Monday’s Lily-centric “Gossip Girl!”

P.S. No Doubt will be on the ep, playing an ’80s band called Snowed Out. (Lame band name, I know.) And why is it that an ’80s Gwen Stefani…

…doesn’t look that much different from how Gwen dresses onstage now? Does that mean her style is timeless – or outdated?

(Photos courtesy of the CW)

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