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Judah Friedlander of ’30 Rock’ goes on a standup tour


“30 Rock” fans know Judah Friedlander as Liz Lemon’s trucker hat-wearing head writer, Frank Rossitano.

But being that funny doesn’t come easy: Friedlander has spent the last 20 years as a standup comedian. And that’s what he’ll be doing for the next few months while “30 Rock” is on its summer hiatus.

You can check out Friedlander on the show’s season finale tomorrow night, of course.

And if you want to see more of him in person, go to his web site for his comedy tour dates. (That’s also where you can order one of the hats Judah wears on “30 Rock.)

I got the chance to interview Judah recently about all of this and more: among other things, I asked why he calls himself the “World Champion.”

Check it out here in The Journal News.

And tune in here tomorrow when my esteemed colleague and Remote Access’ usual “30 Rock” expert, Brian Howard, will give everyone a preview of the season finale!

(Photo courtesy of NBC)

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