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Your daily Chuck-date: A shout-out, a prediction and fans with heart


If all I’ve got to hang my hat on in making a Chuck update post is a passing afterthought of a mention by Jon Stewart, I should probably hold off on blogging.

No, there’s no news to report yet, but there’s an air of giddy anticipation about the interwebs as Tuesday’s big announcement from NBC approaches.



I’d call this good news and less than good news, if it has any bearing on reality. As a commenter points out below, Nikki Finke is reporting that one possible fall lineup NBC is mulling would put Chuck and Southland together on Friday nights.

I’d be happy just to know it’s returning, but isn’t a Friday timeslot the kiss of death?


So yeah, Stewart’s a Chuck fan, and in ripping Nancy Pelosi’s torture-friendly stance last night, he gave a shout out to the Save Chuck crowd. (In other news, a blind squirrel found a nut.)

More significantly, though still in the realm of speculation, TVbytheNumbers’ latest Renew/Cancel Index puts Chuck in the ‘Renewal Likely’ category.

If that doesn’t explain all the giddiness, maybe it’s the good karma emanating from the Have a Heart — Save Chuck campaign. The effort, begun May 6, to target donations to Chuck sponsor Subway’s favorite charity, the American Heart Association, has yielded $13,255 in donations as of this morning from more than 500 fans.

Like I’ve said, even if it doesn’t sway the Peacock, it is an amazingly good thing unto itself. Sure beats mailing nuts to Burbank, with all due respect.

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