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Old reliable: 30 Rockers still making news for all the wrong reasons


I like Rip Torn a lot, but I have to wonder why he or any other public figure who likes to tie one on doesn’t just  hire a driver for such occasions.

Torn, who was busted near his Connecticut home in December for driving drunk with a Christmas tree tied to his car, was given probation this week in the case. The 78-year-old was approved for admission into an alcohol education program, but he gets to keep his license.

It was his third such arrest, the prior two coming in New York, including one that came two  years earlier after his car struck a tractor-trailer on Hardscrabble Road right up the road in North Salem. Torn pleaded guilty to driving while impaired, paid a fine and surrendered his license for three months.

A week before that, fellow 30 Rock funny man Tracy Morgan was busted for driving drunk on the upper West Side, his second DWI arrest in a year. At least he seemed to get the message that drunken driving isn’t cool, making public show of his ankle monitor but otherwise keeping his name out of such headlines.

But while those two have been on the straight and narrow, Alec Baldwin continues his pattern of woes, thankfully unrelated to alcohol or automobiles.

Baldwin, who famously tore into his daughter in a very publicized voicemail two years ago, stepped in it again in a May 12 interview on the Letterman show.

This time, the faux pas was pretty innocent, in my opinion. But when you have a rep for mouthing off in dopey fashion, you don’t tend to get a break from people. Saying he’d love to have more children (cough), Baldwin added that he was “thinking about getting a Filipino mail-order bride at this point … or a Russian one.”

Now is that worthy of a Phillipine senator threatening him with a beating?  No, I say, though I would get that Pay Per View event.

Baldwin has since apologized but added that he thought most people understood it was a joke. Of course it was, just not a very funny one.

Certainly not as funny as this…

audio clip

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