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Reader’s Poll recaps: Folks looking forward to ‘Community,’ missing ‘Daisies,’ ‘Terminator’ most


It’s been quite a month, between season finales, network upfronts and the untimely (as well as timely) deaths of struggling shows whose bubbles were burst.

That’s where our most recent readers’ poll, between May 17 and 21, came in. We asked, “What canceled show will you miss the most this fall?” Two shows in particular that lost the only poll that really counts — the poll of network programming executives — won this one.

True to form, this was yet another poll that Terminator: The Sarah  Connor Chronicles fans were determined not to lose. And those those Pushing Daisies devotees are still grieving the loss of their piemaker and just wishing they could revive him with a touch.

The two shows tied for the poll lead with 29 percent of votes cast each.

From Fox, we jump to NBC’s Life, which, to its fans’ chagrin, has none. They placed it in third at 20 percent. Going down the line, it was Dirty Sexy Money, Prison Break (which I thought was canceled in ’07), Lipstick Jungle, and, bringing up the rear with a single, lonely vote, King of the Hill.

Earlier this month, from May 6-17, we posed the following query: “NBC unveiled a slew of new shows for the fall on May 4, and more announcements from all the networks are on the way. What new show are you most excited about seeing?

We had to repost the poll after a day after dueling Terminator and Chuck fans kept adding their shows to the list. Once we reposted it, we turned off the “Add Your Own Answer” option, and it was all set.

This one was a no-brainer. Community, NBC’s new Joel McHale comedy ran away with a 44 percent plurality of the vote. Before I move on, here’s the trailer, which convinced me to cast my own vote in its favor.

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The Jericho-esque Day One took 19 percent, the ridiculous Jerry Seinfeld’s The Marriage Ref 12 percent and the sappy looking Parenthood 10 percent. The equally unappealing Trauma, Who Do You Think You Are?, Mercy, 100 Questions and Breakthrough with Tony Robbins all took less than 10 percent of votes cast, probably the highest ratings they’ll ever get.

The readers have spoken. Now go speak again and tell us what you think of the way NBC is handling the renewal of Chuck for a third season. And try to guess, from the way I worded the poll, what my answer was.

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