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Chuck Poll Update: Fans go easy on NBC despite extended layoff


I figured when I put this one up that I’d get an onslaught of angry Chucksters bemoaning the 10-month wait for new episodes.

But NBC’s announcement of Chuck‘s renewal outweighed any ire as most of those who responded to Remote Access’s recent readers poll told us they’re just happy to have their favorite spy team back. Here’s how it broke down.

We asked the following: Chuck won’t be back for nine months, tempering fans’ enthusiasm over its renewal. How satisfied are you with NBC’s plans for the show?

Nearly a third of you, 31 percent answered “It’ll be a long wait, but I guess I’m just happy to have a third season,” while another 24 percent replied, “I appreciate them bringing it back, but I’m afraid the layoff really will hurt the show.”

So, aside from a few reservations about the impact of a second hiatus might have on the show’s long-term survival, you’re all pretty stoked just to see it back at some point.

Surprisingly, the bottom two responses with 12 percent apiece were the quite contradictory “I think it’s awesome. The post-Olympic launch and the possibility of a summer extension are really exciting,” and “This isn’t a renewal at all but NBC’s way of pandering to viewers while quietly killing it off.”

Just one intrepid respondent, former Remote Access contributor Chris Serico, in fact, chose to add his own answer to the list, which was “All of the original answers combined.” That took 20 percent, besting both extreme views handily.

So I guess Chuck fans are an understanding and grateful bunch. They’re going to have to be patient too.

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