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Chuck Me Monday: Twitter feeds at the ready, it’s time to rewatch the pilot


Chuck Me Mondays kicks off tonight, and my Chuck Versus the Hiatus flashback recaps start tomorrow.

Chuck fans across the globe — seriously — will be tuning in to the pilot episode at 9 ET tonight via WB.com, their Season 1 DVDs and iTunes or other downloads. And as they do, they’ll be twittering their reactions and chatting it up at the ChuckTV.net forums.

Want to join in? Well, there’s a few ways you can. First off, grab a Subway footlong for lunch. A spike in sales every Monday should continue to send the show’s top advertiser the message that this is an advantageous partnership for them. Next, tell a friend or seven about the show. The only way to ensure the show’s future is to increase its viewership. Your friends will thank you.

The important part, for the purposes of Chuck Me Mondays, though, is to watch. And since no one will know if you’re watching your DVDs or your iTunes, I suggest hitting the WB. Those numbers will be tracked, and the powers that be will notice, assuming there’s a spike in viewership to notice. Besides, the picture quality is great.

If you don’t have Twitter account, go set one up. It’s easy, and while it won’t make much sense at first, you’ll soon be addicted. The trick is to keep your comments short and save space for the hash tag “#chuckmemondays.” That way, your tweets will be grouped with all the others. And if enough people do that, it could become what’s known as a trending topic, meaning it’ll be even easier to find than the usual Twitter search method.

Now to the best part (I’d like to think): my recaps. I’ll be posting weekly recaps every Tuesday so that anyone who watched the latest Chuck Me Mondays episode on Monday night can check out my in-depth take on it the next day.

Chris Serico wrote awesome recaps in his time here as Remote Access’s Chuck blogger. All that these new recaps will be is another take. Chris got to recap the episodes as a new viewer, but my perspective will be that of someone whose seen the episodes a few times. I have to say it’s been a trip to see the kind of seeds they laid early on for the stories they’d eventually tell.

It’s a long hiatus. Hopefully this will help pass the time.

Here’s an interview that should explain Chuck Me Mondays.

And here’s where I lay out my contribution to things.

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