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Why is Charlie from ‘Lost’ in ABC’s new promo?


“Lost” fans, did your heart skip a beat after seeing Dominic Monaghan – a.k.a. the late, great Charlie Pace – in the latest promo for ABC’s upcoming TV lineup?

Forget about the total lameness of the entire “ABC House” campaign, in which characters from the network’s new and continuing shows pretend they all live together in one big, semi-happy home.

In this installment, Monaghan plays foosball with Patrick Dempsey (McDreamy from “Grey’s Anatomy”), Courteney Cox (from the upcoming “Cougar Town”) and Ed O’Neill (who’ll be in the new “Modern Family” sitcom).

But what show is Monaghan supposed to represent?

When Dempsey’s competitive foosball character warns Monaghan, “You are so dead,” Monaghan turns to Cox and says ominously, “Actually, I was.”

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The implication? That he’ll be returning to “Lost,” of course.

And while I’m all giddy at the prospect, Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly is reporting that this is NOT the case.

Ausiello says that sneaky ABC wants Lost-philes to THINK that they’ll be seeing Charlie alive again, but in actuality, Monahan is going to be joining the cast of a different show. (Ausiello promised his network sources that he wouldn’t reveal which program, but chances are, it’s an already existing series – not a newbie – since the stars of those upcoming series have already been announced at the upfronts.)

So where do you think Monahan is ending up in the ABC lineup?

And are you annoyed that ABC is taking advantage of “Lost” fans’ love for Charlie to create some buzz?

(Photo courtesy of ABC)

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