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‘So You Think You Can Dance’ down to Top 18


Perhaps that bizarre, Hefty-bag-costumed opening group number by Shane Sparks was a metaphor?

After all, whoever was shrouded in black at the end was supposed to be in the dancers’ graveyard. I think. It was all very shiny and confusing.

Anyway, as expected, the three couples put in purgatory – and forced to dance for their lives – were Tony and Paris, Vitolio and Asuka, and Karla and Jonathan. The judges evaluated them individually, but they ended up sending home a couple anyway…

Tony and Paris.

I suspect the judges’ choice may have had something to do with the show not wanting to make the contestants partner swap this early in the game, but that’s not the reasons actually given for booting these two.

Okay, I’m with them on Tony. To steal some of Mia’s harsh criticism this season, he just hasn’t lived up to the potential he showed in his first audition. His solo was in his own genre, for pity’s sake, and he looked like a clown up there compared to the other two. Not that Jonathan’s shaky hip swivels and Vitolio’s tortured writhing were much better.

But poor, poor Paris. Sure, we know SOMEBODY had to go, but good grief, Nigel pretty much told the girl that she was being axed because there are too many contemporary dancers in the contest right now. (Which, if I’m not mistaken, is a problem created by the judges who picked the Top 20.)

Plus, they yanked Paris in favor of Asuka, who thinks everyone should be as in love with her rear end as she is.

So that’s the big news. On a completely unrelated note, I was fascinated and repelled by everyone’s fashion choices last night. And, oddly, the worst offenders were the guys.

First, there was Kupono, who looked like he had a dead Muppet slung around his neck. (What on earth was that bright yellow furry thing? A stole? A shrug? A scarf?)

Don’t even get me started on Tony’s unfortunate pairing of red knickers and a tuxedo jacket with bow tie and tails.

And Max had on some sort of black sequinned shirt (worn open, of course…ick!) that appeared to have been stolen out of Liza Minnelli’s closet.

Boys, we know you’ve got to start bringing the dance moves. But you’ve also got to seriously step it up with the wardrobe department. I don’t care if you need to lock the show’s stylists in the bathroom, Get Some Better Clothing Immediately.

That’s all. For now.

(Photos courtesy of FOX)

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