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Chuck Me Mondays: We’re doing the Tango tonight


When learning to tango, be sure to learn how to lead.

That was one bit of advice Chuck could have used in this, the third episode of Season 1 and the latest focus of Chuck Me Mondays. All summer, the fans are keeping the heat on Chuck, making sure the buzz of the renewal campaign doesn’t fade when the dog days roll by.

Here’s the episode summary for “Chuck Versus the Tango.”

Chuck Bartowski is finding out that living two separate lives is not going to come easy. After being challenged by his boss at Buy More, Chuck needs the help of his best friend Morgan and the Nerd Herd to prove that he is up to the task and ready to become assistant manager. Meanwhile, Sarah and Casey force Chuck to go undercover for his first real spy mission. It seems that Chuck’s two different lives are learning to Tango, but which one will learn to take the lead?

Here’s what you need to know to take part:

Then check on back here tomorrow around 11 a.m. or so for my weekly “Chucking the Summer Away” recap, in which I break down the previous night’s Chuck Me Mondays episode.

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