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‘Lost’ OMG: Shannon’s coming back?!?


Is she or isn’t she?

That’s been the rumor flying around “Lost”-land lately, that the show’s trying to bring back original castaways like Maggie “Shannon” Grace for the final season.

Grace’s reps denied the gossip last week, but E! caught up with Maggie herself at an NYC event last night.

And she gave a big-time hint that she’ll be going back to the island.

<blockquote><div>”I’m looking forward to visiting Hawaii soon,” she teased to E! News at BCBG’s Whitney Art Party in NYC. “I don’t know why…”</div></blockquote>

So would you be glad to see Shannon return?

And what does this mean for next season?

Did the bomb blast reset island time to the moment of the crash? Does this mean Shannon (and Charlie, Michael, Dead Locke and the other dearly departed survivors) are alive?

Share your theories in the comments section below…

(AP Photo/Peter Kramer)

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