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‘Gossip Girl’ star on tour with band


It seems that Little J has quite the exciting summer vacation going on: Taylor Momsen of “Gossip Girl” is currently on tour with her band.

Momsen fronts The Pretty Reckless, which is the opening act for Australian pop-rock duo, The Veronicas.

And you know what?

As much as I wanted to slam Momsen for being yet another actress-turned-talentless-singer – and believe me, given how much I hated Little J and her raccoon eyes on “GG” last season, I REALLY wanted to trash her –  she’s actually not half-bad.

Especially given that she’s only 15.

Certainly better than anything Miley Cyrus is putting out. And dare I say it? Momsen reminded me a wee bit of a young Lita Ford.

Judge for yourself from this snippet of the band’s first-ever show last month at New York’s Annex:

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And go here to check out a clip of their recent performance in Houston.

Little J isn’t the only one from “GG” trying out a music career.

Queen Bee Leighton Meester plans to release a debut album this fall, and Ed “Chuck Bass” Westwick is in the British band The Filthy Youth.

Go here to sample Meester supposedly singing “Bette Davis Eyes,” and check out Westwick’s punky stage presence here.

Now, who’s the best “GG” singer of them all?

“Gossip Girl” returns for Season 3 on Sept. 14.

(Photos courtesy of the CW)

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