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‘Lost:’ The Man in Black speaks out!


Incredibly, actor Titus Welliver was on screen for less than two minutes during the “Lost” season finale, playing that unnamed, black-clad nemesis of the island’s head honcho, Jacob.

But he didn’t need any more time to make a hell of an impression.

The Man in Black, Esau, call him whatever you want, he was the talk of Lost-philes the next day, with fans wondering what this loophole-obsessed, Locke-possessing dude was up to.

TV Guide caught up with Welliver recently for an interview, in which he talks about how he prepared for that mysterious, cataclysmic scene with Jacob.

And even with a long resume that includes a well-received stint on HBO’s “Deadwood,” it seems that nothing could prepare him for the insanity of “Lost” fanatics everywhere.

Click here to read the entire interview.

(Screen cap courtesy of Lost-Media.com)

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