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‘Lost’ producers are surprised by Best Drama nomination


“Lost” scored five Emmy nominations yesterday, including one for Outstanding Drama Series.

The show is part of a bigger crowd this year, since the rules changed to allow more contenders. That results in “Lost” going up against six other series, five of which are on cable. (“Big Love,” “Breaking Bad,” “Damages,” “Dexter,” “House” and “Made Men” are the other nominees.)

Anyway, executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof told TV Guide that they’re really surprised to be nominated because of this season’s confusing, time-traveling storyline.

But they’re not shocked at all to see Michael Emerson recognized again for his creepy, but nuanced, portrayal of Ben Linus. (Maybe the third time will be the charm?)

And while they didn’t say it, I’d imagine that they ARE disappointed that a few other cast members didn’t get noticed.

No Josh Holloway, for turning Sawyer into so much more than a smart-mouthed con man?

Not even a shot for Evangeline Lilly, who broke our hearts when she left Aaron? (Evie, you had me at “bye-bye, baby.”) You couldn’t find it in your hearts for one more newbie, Emmy voters? I mean, except for Elisabeth Moss of “Mad Men” – yay! – the list of dramatic actresses has been pretty much the same for the last few years. We know how to pronounce Mariska Hargitay now.

And what the heck does Elizabeth Mitchell have to do to get some love? Deliver a baby? Have her heart broken a few times? Fall down a mine shaft? Detonate a nuclear bomb? Oh wait, Mitchell’s Juliet has done all that. Well then, you’ve stumped me.

Tune in Sept. 20 to see if “Lost” takes home the big prize. I suspect they’ll have to fight “Mad Men” to the death. Now THAT would be some interesting TV…

(Photo courtesy of ABC)

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