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‘Lost’ Season 6 news from Comic-Con!


The “Lost” crew converged on San Diego’s Comic-Con convention this past weekend for the last time (sniff), where they offered some teasers about the series’ final season.

The biggest news? Absolute confirmation that we’ll be seeing loads of characters from the past, including, as producer Damon Lindelof noted, “many characters we haven’t seen since the first season.”

Lindeof and co-producer Carlton Cuse went on to say that Juliet and Faraday WILL be in Season 6, though there’s no telling whether they’re dead or alive.

Who else will be popping up? Well, considering that Dominic Monaghan apppeared suddenly onstage at the end of a “in memorium” slideshow would seem to indicate that Charlie Pace will be showing up again.

(UPDATE: The reporter of this New York Times piece on the “Lost” panel spied something an interesting message written on Monaghan’s palm as he waved to the crowd, a clear homage to the “Not Penny’s Boat” note as Charlie drowned at the end of Season 3. This time, the message read: “Am I Alive?” Oooh, I’ve got shivers!!)

And Ian Somerhalder – who wasn’t part of the “Lost” panel, but was at the Con to promote his new show, the CW’s “The Vampire Diaries” – gave that audience the scoop that he will be returning to the island in some form.

Other hints? Well, maybe the new poster unveiled at the convention center has more clues, especially when it comes to the comeback of those Season 1 castaways.

The poster shows a long line of folks we know and love (and love to hate): This website – a product of comedian Paul Scheer who gave a wacky presentation at the panel – has the full list of exactly who’s in the photo. (Some you might not expect, like Michael, Ana-Lucia, Libby, Bernard and Rose.)

That’s not the only interesting thing about the poster, though. Every one of the characters are facing forward, except for John Locke (a.k.a. the Man in Black, etc.), whose back is turned. Yikes, what does that mean? Vent your theories in the comments section below.

You can go to YouTube to see the entire panel for yourself (it’s broken into segments, so just search for “Lost,” “Comic Con,” and “2009”).

But if you’re short on time, keep reading here for the highlights…

• Season 6 will mirror Season 1.

Damon noted that the series will kind of come full circle, though he declined to give many details besides lots of emotion and jungle adventure. Nor did they really answer Jorge Garcia’s question (yes, Hurley was in the house!) about how if the bomb blast means Oceanic 815 didn’t crash, then the last five seasons didn’t happen, which is “kind of a cheat.” All they said is, “Trust us.” (To which Jorge cracked, “Yeah, but the last time you said, ‘Trust us,’ you said Nikki and Paulo would be awesome.” Pretty darn funny.)

• Time travel is SO Season 5.

Darlton acknowledged that the time-travel conceit is finished, but didn’t exactly say whether flashbacks and forwards would be happening in Season 6. All they’d say is that the use of flashbacks will be “different.”

• More Richard Alpert!

TV Guide confirmed that Nestor Carbonell, who was a surprise guest during the Con panel, has been promoted to a series regular. He’ll be almost every episode next season, which includes, as Damon put it, a “fairly involved” flashback that will give his backstory. Is he connected to the Black Rock ship, as one audience member asked? Hmm, maybe. Maybe not. And for the last time, no, Nestor does not wear eyeliner.

• Less Dharma Initiative!

Dharma won’t play as big a role in the final season, since we got an overload of that freaky-deaky science geeks in the last go-round. The last season will move on, although we will probably learn where the mysterious food drop in Season 2 came from. But you can find out more about Dharma in a series of ongoing webisodes about the show’s mysteries: Go here to see the first one.

Un-dead Claire isn’t Jacob.

One fan asked if Jacob has ever appeared as someone other than himself, like Claire. Answer? Nope.

Did 815 land safely?

Darlton joked about how the past would be changed, if Oceanic 815 had never crashed, with a series of spoof videos. What’s their idea of an alternate life for some of the survivors? Had Hurley never visited the island, he’d now be making commercials as the CEO of Mr. Cluck’s. Oceanic Airlines would have a perfect record. Kate would still be a fugitive on the run, featured on “America’s Most Wanted.” (Except she wouldn’t be wanted for murdering her stepfather, but one of his employees by mistake.)

Analyze away below, Lost-philes!

What do you think all this Comic-Con info means for Season 6?

(Photos courtesy of ABC)

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