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‘Lost’ news: Did the bomb plan actually work?


I probably don’t need to repeat that if you don’t want a morsel of scoop on the final season of “Lost,” then STOP READING NOW.

But if you do, here’s the latest from the jungle rumor mill…

You know that wacky plan to reset time by detonating a nuclear bomb?

It may have actually WORKED.

Greg Grunberg, the “Heroes” star who played Oceanic 815’s pilot in the show’s first episode, recently told TV Guide that he’s been approached about returning to “Lost” next season.

He claims he doesn’t know anything more about the writers’ plans, but that if his “Heroes” bosses approves the time off, he’ll be headed back to the island.

Since the pilot was eaten by the smoke monster shortly after 815 crashed, Grunberg’s character would be yet another of the seemingly dead who are reportedly set to appear in the final episodes. (It’s been all but officially confirmed that at least Charlie, Shannon and Boone will be back, too. And dead or undead, Elizabeth Mitchell has verified that we’ll also be seeing Juliet.)

But doesn’t it seem suspicious that the showrunners would go through such pains to bring back a minor character like the pilot? Unless, of course, Oceanic 815 lands safely in Los Angeles in 2004, just like it was supposed to, which effectively erases the past five seasons.

Speaking of L.A., here’s another bit of unconfirmed gossip about this very theory.

Several fan sites out there are claiming that the title of the final season’s two-hour premiere has been revealed…

…and that title is: “LA X”

According to this theorist, that space between “LA” and “X” isn’t a typo. The title is a play on the nickname of Los Angeles’ airport, of course. But if the space is intentional, it could mean that the plan didn’t go exactly as expected.

Here’s some more fan-based speculation:

• Did Oceanic 815 land without a hitch, meaning the castaways never met?

• Could the X refer to the Roman number 10, meaning that the timeline has now shifted to 2010?

• Is the X, or Ten, a reference to another select group of survivors, much like the Oceanic Six?

Gimme all you got, Lost-philes! If true, what do YOU think the premiere title means?

(Photo courtesy of ABC)

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