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Birthday wishes from the heart: Chuck fans reboot charitable campaign


Even if Chuck isn’t back yet, the coolest fan campaign I’ve ever seen is.

We Heart Chuck, the fan effort that last May tied support for Chuck‘s renewal to donations to the American Heart Association, has rebooted. After raising more than $17,000 in 17 days from loyal fans, the show was given its delayed renewal, and the fundraising leveled off at over $18,000.

But fan enthusiasm never waned, as the summer-long “Chuck Me Mondays” events attest.

Now, with an eye to series star Zachary Levy’s Sept. 29 birthday, organizers are offering fans a chance to send him a personalized birthday card simply by making a donation to the AHA. For every donation, AHA will send Levi a card. And word is, he reads his mail. All of it.

The renewed campaign reflects the ongoing partnership between the AHA and the fan volunteers at We Heart Chuck.

Check this out from their latest media release…

A standard solid defibrillator costs approximately $1500.  In 2008, emergency defibrillators saved over 650 lives.  You, “Chuck” fans, are making a tremendous difference in the lives of sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers and other friends and family members.

Convinced yet? If so, head on over to weheartchuck.com and follow the directions there to make a donation, save a life and show your support for Chuck.

Here’s my blog post on the subject last May, when the campaign launched.

By the way, Chuck Me Mondays continue. If you’re on Twitter, join in every Monday evening and use the hashtag #freechuck to help implore NBC and the rest of the powers that be to free the early Season 2 episodes for online streaming.

And while I have your attention, check this out. It’s a great argument for why everyone should be a fan of Chuck.

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