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The Office is returning and I’m trying to get pumped up for it — Thoughts?


I have to admit, I don’t love The Office anymore.

I really, really, really, really like it, but the obsession I once had for the show has waned in recent seasons. There’s still so much that’s great about it, and it’s probably the most consistently good show on television. It’s clearly the best sitcom on the air, and it’s one of NBC’s best offerings overall.

But the brilliant first two seasons have become distant memories, followed by some seriously misguided and strike-hampered story arcs in the next two seasons (though they weren’t without great moments). Season 5, though, marked, if not a return to form, at least an intermittently stretches of great storytelling.

(Check out my bullet-by-bullet take on Season 5 after the jump.)

Here’s how I recently summed it up…

  • Holly arrives — good
  • Holly leaves — bad
  • stuff happens in the middle — OK
  • Moroccan Christmas — LOUD NOISES!
  • Prince Paper Co. — nice
  • Charles arrives — not good
  • Charles stays, Michael leaves — bad
  • Michael starts a company — very good
  • Charles is still around — dammit
  • Michael comes back — good
  • Holly shows up, leaves again — Bri-shaped hole in the Interwebs

You’re thinking right now, “What about the proposal?!?” or “But Pam’s pregnant!!!!”

Yeah, whatevs. Listen, they’re great characters portrayed by actors I really enjoy. But I stopped caring about Jim And Pamâ„¢ somewhere between “Then…it’s a date.” and “Are you kidding me?”

I no longer find myself scouring OfficeTally or LiveJournal for Office news every 20 minutes or rewatching old episodes a half-dozen at a time. I’m down to one hardcore Office fan site, and even then it’s because the folks there are a cool crew and the chatter is only somewhat Office-centered.

That said, I’ve been getting pumped for the new season all the same. No, I didn’t squee at the Twitter tip-offs about wedding photos and plot leaks began surfacing a month ago. (See here, here, here, here and here.)

But I did think it was cool to find out that Fonzi’s ex-girlfriend (look it up) would be portraying Pam’s mom. And I might even rethink my decision to blow off buying the Season 5 DVDs. I’m watching a lot of The Wire Season 1 lately, and it’ll depend whether I decide that Amy Ryan brought more to The Office than Idris Elba took away. I think she did. (I love Stringer Bell, mind you.)

But then I’ll be reminded that there are soon to be bobble heads available for the entire cast, and that the entire set can be yours for upwards of $300. And that’s when I withdraw a little more.

The remedy? An official plot summary. Here’s what NBC put out about the Sept. 17 premiere.

MICHAEL GETS CAUGHT UP IN OFFICE GOSSIP – Michael feels left out as the rest of the office gossips about the summer interns. While Michael searches for the next juicy rumor to share, Andy struggles with heterosexuality.

Yeah, I’m all in. For now.

So check out the following preview clips. The first one, from Zap2it, is lengthy, ringing in at 5:45. The next two are half-minute NBC promos.

Zap2it: Behind the scenes look at Season 6 (5:45)

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<object type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” data=”http://widgets.nbc.com/o/4727a250e66f9723/4a9f0cf1c1cf267d/4741e3c5156499a7/4e5a2a14/-cpid/76671a498e78be35″ id=”W4727a250e66f97234a9f0cf1c1cf267d” width=”384″ height=”283″><param name=”movie” value=”http://widgets.nbc.com/o/4727a250e66f9723/4a9f0cf1c1cf267d/4741e3c5156499a7/4e5a2a14/-cpid/76671a498e78be35″ /><param name=”wmode” value=”transparent” /><param name=”allowNetworking” value=”all” /><param name=”allowScriptAccess” value=”always” /><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true” /></object>

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