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It was a tough call, but how could I NOT buy The Office Season 5 DVDs?


I swore I wasn’t going to, but my willpower weakened as the summer drew on.

So this morning, as I found myself pushing a wonky-wheeled cart through the Mount Kisco Target where I was  picking up a few things, I gave in to inevitability.

I bought The Office Season 5 DVD set.

As I rambled on about the other day, my love affair with the show has cooled off considerably in recent season. And while Season 5 had fewer plot missteps than Season 3 and was more consistent than Season 4, it wasn’t without warts. Losing Amy Ryan, making Charles Minor both uninteresting and jerky, allowing Moroccan Christmas to air, dropping the Pam-goes-to-New-York storyline like a moldy beet and finishing the season with a pregnancy — A pregnancy! — come to mind.

But adding Amy Ryan in the first place, executing the brilliant Michael Scott Paper Company arc, allowing “Broke” to air and scenes like Dwight, Andy and Erin performing “Country Roads” and everyone walking out with Michael at the end of “Blood Drive” went a long way toward redeeming those missteps for me.

So, considering that my Chuck Season 2 pre-order won’t be available until March (another epic fail, NBC), I figured I could justify the purchase. I didn’t spring for the nifty gifty set with the script and bonus DVD writers interview because I know me, and I know I’m never going to look at those things. So right there I saved $7.

At least that’s how I’ll try explaining this extravagance to my wife.

Now let’s hope Season 6, which debuts a week from tomorrow with “Gossip” is even better so I don’t have to have this debate a year from now.

In the meantime, check out OfficeTally’s Season 5 DVD buying guide. And feel free to chime in below if you hesitated or were at all undecided about buying the DVDs.

(Photo of me by, well, me.)

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