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Reader Poll: Chuck is embarrassing Dunder Mifflin, Losties


Chuck doesn’t return to the NBC airwaves for another seven months, but Remote Access readers apparently look forward to its return far more than the nearer premiers of The Office or Lost.

That’s pretty unbelievable, when you think about it.

OK, the vote totals are pretty low. Still, as unscientific (read: meaningless) as it is, it’s still an embarassment in black-and-white to fans of other great shows coming back this fall and promising new ones making their debuts. (Glee, anyone?)  I won’t let factual accuracy keep me from making a big deal about it.

So come on. Cast your vote, write in your favorite show, then clear your cache and vote again if you want.

Tell us what new or returning show are you looking forward to most?

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5 Responses to “Reader Poll: Chuck is embarrassing Dunder Mifflin, Losties”

  1. Lily1

    Chuck is still the best show on TV, anytime! Diehard fans like us are keeping the faith until Chuck’s return. Nothing else comes close.

  2. dave

    This is B.S. I am watching the smallville fans cheat on this poll. Anybody can block cookies and automatically refresh pages, that is not the spirit behind these polls.

    How exactly are they getting 5 votes per second?????

  3. mary


  4. Brian Howard

    Fixed. Time to update the poll anyway, I guess.

  5. Larry1234

    I am really looking forward to Castle (also really miss “Life”)as well as the “Closer”.-I plan on taping Chuck and skipping the episodes the creators F&S write to make you miserabletoo much angst generation. Cannot consider any show a real comedy that has so much heartache, love triangls and etc. I wondered if it might be due to lack of creative abilities-let the market dictate what survives.

    Casle has me on the edge of my seat, in looking at one murder a series of murders come to light-let’s go after the evil doer serial killer. I also am looking forward to The Closermy favorite of all shows,a great show with great casting. The writers are top notch, possibly as good as any on television. There is probably more good comedy in the Closer than in Chuck and without angst-watch and learn F&S.

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