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John Schneider joins 90210 tonight


He was just a good ol’ boy when he was Bo Duke – not to mention the kindly Jonathan Kent (Smallville) and Marshall Bowman (The Secret Life of an American Teenager).


But now John Schneider is playing a mean guy – Liam’s plastic surgeon stepfather – when he joins the cast of 90210 tonight. And the Mount Kisco native couldn’t be happier about it.

When I interviewed him for our Fall TV preview, he told me:

<blockquote><div>It’s fun to be able to let loose, than play the stoic man of honor.</div></blockquote>

Read the full interview with Schneider here – and check him out tonight when he debuts alongside the Beverly Hills gang!

(Photo credit: Dana Patrick)

Posted by Heather Salerno on Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 at 8:00 am |

The CW announces fall premiere dates


It’s like 1992 all over again!!!

The CW starts its fall season at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 8, with the second season premiere of “90210,” followed by the launch of its other ’90s-teen-drama-stolen-from-FOX, “Melrose Place.”

That’s the exact same lineup the original shows had back in the day! Naturally, since “MP” was a “90210” spin-off. And I’m quite sure that if the CW programmed the 10 p.m. hour, “Models Inc.” – whoops! I mean,
“The Beautiful Life” – would be in that slot.

(I feel so nostalgic, like I should be wearing high-waisted jeans or baby-doll dresses. Wait, that’s actually back in style – perfect!)

Anyway, according to Variety, the rest of the CW’s premieres will roll out through the end of September, with few surprises.

The only semi-shock? The time slots of its Monday shows will flip-flop, putting “One Tree Hill” at 8 p.m. and “Gossip Girl” at 9.

Here’s the TV guide:

Tues., Sept 8

8 p.m.: “90210”

9 p.m.: “Melrose Place”

Wed., Sept. 9

8 p.m.-10 p.m. “America’s Top Model”

Thurs., Sept. 10

8 p.m.: “Vampire Diaries”

9 p.m. “Supernatural”

Mon., Sept. 14

8 p.m.: “One Tree Hill”

9 p.m.: “Gossip Girl”

Weds., Sept. 16

9 p.m.: “The Beautiful Life”

Fri., Sept. 25

8 p.m.: “Smallville”

(Photos courtesy of the CW)

Posted by Heather Salerno on Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 at 8:08 am |
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The CW renews five scripted series – and ‘Top Model’


Never fear, fans of rich kids, superheroes and aspiring supermodels!

The CW announced yesterday that “Gossip Girl,” “One Tree Hill,” “90210,” “America’s Top Model,” “Smallville” and “Supernatural” would all be returning in Fall 2009.

More Chuck and Blair? More Superman? More angsty drama from the halls of West Beverly?

All good news, of course!

But such auspicious tidings come with a dark lining: The CW didn’t announce the fates of four other shows, which doesn’t bode well for “Reaper,” “Privileged,” “The Game” and “Everybody Hates Chris.”

Some of those shows will likely be cancelled to make way for the new “Melrose Place” update and “Gossip Girl” spinoff featuring a teenage Lily (you know, back when she was a rock groupie and before she became a van der Woodsen).

So what would you rather see more of?

The Devil and his son?

Or the next Andrew Shue? (Hey, don’t laugh so hard: He was a dreamboat during Melrose-mania…)

(Photos courtesy of the CW)

Posted by Heather Salerno on Wednesday, February 25th, 2009 at 1:30 pm |
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‘90210’ recap: ‘Hello, Goodbye, Amen’


So it’s the new year at West Beverly, and boy, were we in for some surprises.

Adrianna’s pregnant!

Sean’s a con artist!

Naomi’s an idiot!

Ethan has the personality of a napkin!

Dixon can sing!

Brenda can’t have kids!

OK, so except for those last two items, everything in last night’s episode was either predictable or stayed status quo. And honestly, does anyone care that Dixon can belt out a decent “Amazing Grace?”

I have to admit that Brenda’s medical issue threw me for a loop; I thought the show might give her something life-threatening in case Shannen Doherty decides to bolt down the road. Or maybe they’d make her preggers with Ryan’s baby, but obviously the Adrianna storyline scratched that idea. (BTW, Ryan was thankfully still absent from school, and I’m sure no one else missed his mopey mug either.)

But no, Brenda’s malady is infertility, due to a problematic fibroid surgery a few years back. And with that revelation, I’m guessing every teen watching said, “Ewwww.” Anyway, Brenda didn’t think she wanted kids until she couldn’t have them. (Great reason to become a mom!) So now she wants to adopt.

The first thing that hit me during this scene was the thought that Brenda would adopt Adrianna’s baby. This show goes for the obvious, so I’d expect that to happen, but next week’s trailer makes me think that the writers might be shooting for another hackneyed soap opera standard: A tragic accident that leads to a miscarriage. (Although a mishap in the chemistry lab is a new twist on the fall-down-the-stairs standby.)

Something else made me stop and wonder, too. What the hell is Kelly talking about with medical improvements, etc.? I thought she got knocked up after one wild weekend with Dylan. I vaguely recall some possible fertility issue from the original series, but if she wasn’t trying to get pregnant and needed some kind of medical intervention to do so, then how exactly did she conceive? Muy confusing.

As for the rest of the nonsense, I was most entertained by Annie’s attempt to play investigator, weren’t you?

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Posted by Heather Salerno on Wednesday, January 7th, 2009 at 8:54 am |
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