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Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry join American Idol’s judge rotation


Avril Lavigne will join the judges’ panel when American Idol gets to its callback episode in Hollywood, according to Entertainment Weekly.

<a href=”http://view.picapp.com/default.aspx?term=avril lavigne&iid=4750874″ target=”_blank”><img src=”http://cdn.picapp.com/ftp/Images/5/8/9/8/16th_Annual_Race_cf23.jpg?adImageId=2806445&imageId=4750874″ width=”380″ height=”572″  border=”0″ alt=”16th Annual Race To Erase MS Gala”/></a><script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://cdn.pis.picapp.com/IamProd/PicAppPIS/JavaScript/PisV4.js”></script>

So will Katy Perry, who had been announced as a guest judge earlier in the audition process but never scheduled.

Until now. So will the singer-songwriters be sweet or snide when critiquing Idol‘s wannabes?

We’ll have to wait and see. Meanwhile, the two join the growing crew of stars filling in for the departed Paula Abdul, including Victoria Beckham, Mary J. Blige, Shania Twain, Kristin Chenoweth, Joe Jonas and Neil Patrick Harris.

Speaking of NPK, who went to the Dallas auditions, check out his amusing interview with EW: It details how he got the gig (he’s friends with Kara DioGuardi) and whether he harshed on any contestants (he says he “shattered dreams”).


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American Idol’s next guest judge: Kristin Chenoweth


Boy, Kristin Chenoweth isn’t letting any grass grow under her petite feet.

Not only is she up for an Emmy award next month for her role on the dearly departed Pushing Daisies, she’ll be the next celebrity guest judge on American Idol.

<a href=”http://view.picapp.com/default.aspx?term=kristen chenoweth&iid=2761691″ target=”_blank”><img src=”http://cdn.picapp.com/ftp/Images/7/9/b/4/The_Late_Late_82e0.jpg?adImageId=2757493&imageId=2761691″ width=”380″ height=”315″  border=”0″ alt=”The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson”/></a><script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://cdn.pis.picapp.com/IamProd/PicAppPIS/JavaScript/PisV4.js”></script>

Chenoweth – who’s also got a spot on FOX’s Glee coming up – will be at Idol’s Orlando auditions later this week, according to People.com.

Now this is what I was talking about earlier this week when I harshed on the news that Neil Patrick Harris would be an Idol judge, too. Once again, I love NPH, but one role in Broadway’s Cabaret doesn’t exactly make him a singer.

Chenoweth, on the other hand, is a musical theater veteran: She’s a Tony winner best known as the original Glinda the Good Witch in Wicked. Classically trained in opera, she’s performed at the Metropolitan Opera House and recorded a number of albums.

Who else is excited to see the wee KC on the small screen again, even if it’s in small doses?

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American Idol’s latest guest judge: Neil Patrick Harris?!?


Hey, we’ll give props to Neil Patrick Harris until the cows come home: As his alter ego Barney Stinson might say, he’s legendary on CBS’s How I Met Your Mother.

(Eric McCandless/FOX)

But a guest judge on American Idol?!!

E!’s sources at FOX say that NPH was indeed on the judge’s panel yesterday at the Dallas auditions.

Sure, he’s been on Broadway before. But one stint in Cabaret doesn’t exactly make him a musical expert in my book.

Other guest judges for the upcoming season have been Grammy winners like Shania Twain and Mary J. Blige.

Does this mean AI is hitting the bottom of the barrel? No disrespect intended to NPH, of course…

Posted by Heather Salerno on Wednesday, August 26th, 2009 at 7:05 am |


Joe Jonas to help judge ‘American Idol’


Cover your ears, everyone!

Joe Jonas has just been added to the roster of guest judges on “American Idol.”

(AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

According to multiple reports like this one, the middle Jonas brother is confirmed to appear at the Dallas auditions on Monday.

He’s among the growing list of celebs – which includes Victoria Beckham, Mary J. Blige and Shania Twain – who are helping fill the fourth judge’s seat while the show looks for a permanent replacement for Paula Abdul.

Let the screaming begin!

Posted by Heather Salerno on Wednesday, August 19th, 2009 at 7:00 am |

Shania Twain to guest judge ‘American Idol,’ not Jessica Simpson


Another stop on the “American Idol” audition tour, another celebrity judge filling in for Paula Abdul.

People.com has confirmed that Shania Twain will be the next singing star to join Simon, Randy and Kara on the judges’ panel. She’ll help cover the Chicago round on Aug. 30-31.

<a href=”http://view.picapp.com/default.aspx?term=shania twain&iid=2603560″ target=”_blank”><img src=”http://cdn.picapp.com/ftp/Images/5/5/a/3/e4.JPG?adImageId=2253639&imageId=2603560″ width=”380″ height=”588″  border=”0″ alt=”42nd Annual CMA Awards – Arrivals”/></a><script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://cdn.pis.picapp.com/IamProd/PicAppPIS/JavaScript/PisV4.js”></script>

Twain follows Mary J. Blige, who helped out in Atlanta this week, and Victoria “Posh” Beckham, who pouted with the Boston wanna-bes earlier this month.

So who’s next? Katy Perry is on board at some point in the audition process, but meanwhile, the show’s producers are also searching for a permanent replacement for Paula. (That is, if they’re not secretly in talks to bring Paula back in time for Hollywood week, as some cynics suspect.)

The latest rumor had Jessica Simpson as a contender, with the New York Post’s Page Six claiming that her manager father, Joe, was pushing for the gig.

Simpson’s rep denied the story, and Joe Simpson himself sent out a tweet saying he was in Thailand, writing: “Do the lies ever stop????”

Well, if the story isn’t true – and Joe Simpson doesn’t exactly have a reputation for truth-telling – then Joe should get his tush back to the U.S.

Because given the sorry state of Jess’s career (and love life) at the moment, they should both be happy she’s being mentioned in the same breath as America’s No. 1 TV show…

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Mary J. Blige to guest judge ‘American Idol’


R&B goddess Mary J. Blige is the latest star to sign up for a guest judging gig on “American Idol.”

(AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

The Yonkers-born, Grammy winning superstar will be in Atlanta today to help out with the next round of auditions, following up on Victoria “Posh” Beckham’s stint in Boston.

The two ladies are stepping in for Paula Abdul, who announced last month that she won’t be returning to the show. They’ll be right next to returning judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and New Rochelle’s Kara DioGuardi.

Katy Perry will be another one of the show’s upcoming fill-ins, but who else will be popping into Paula’s seat?

No word just yet. But who would YOU like to see judging future “Idol” talent – and the talentless? Cast your vote in the comments section below….

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Simon staying on ‘American Idol’


“American Idol” may have lost Paula, but the show is wasting no time locking down its meanest, but arguably, most important judge: Simon Cowell.

Simon will continue with the singing competition for at least three more seasons, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

On an earnings call earlier today, the parent company of “AI” co-producer 19 Entertainment confirmed that Simon is in the process of finalizing a deal with FOX to stay with the series until 2012.

Unlike Paula Abdul and Ryan Seacrest, whose contracts expired at the end of last season, Simon had one more year to go on his.

He reportedly decided to renegotiate now for the upcoming season, as well as Seasons 10 and 11. Reports claim that he is expected to earn $45 million under the new pact, up from the $36 million a year that he currently makes.

As host, Seacrest is supposedly set to make $45 million, too, over the next three years. And as everyone in the free world now knows, Paula decided to leave the show last week when she and the show couldn’t agree on those dolla dolla bills. (It’s said she rejected a $5 million-a-year offer, and was seeking double that amount.)

FOX also decided to bring back Kara DioGuardi for next season. And the network brass recently announced that stars like Victoria Beckham and Katy Perry will rotate as guest judges during the upcoming season’s audition process, which is currently underway, until it finds a permanent replacement for Paula. They hope that will happen by the time the show returns to the air early next year.

But what about Randy Jackson? This circus may start all over again when the jovial judge’s contract expires next year.

It that okay with you, dawgs?

(Photo courtesy of FOX)

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Kara DioGuardi returns to ‘American Idol’


People magazine is reporting that infamous “American Idol” fourth judge (and occasional bikini model) Kara DioGuardi will be back for the show’s ninth season.

But will there be three or four judges in the next round? There’s still no official word on whether Paula Abdul will be returning.

And something tells me that neither lady is going to be getting anywhere near what Ryan Seacrest will be banking. (He’s getting $45 million over three more years for saying “Seacrest, out.” Insane!)

So, “Idol” fans, will you be glad to see Kara again? Do you want Paula back, too?

(Photo courtesy of FOX)

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Kara Watch: Our weekly eval of ‘American Idol’ judge Kara DioGuardi


With Danny Gokey expelled from “American Idol,” the contest is now a showdown between Adam Lambert and Kris Allen.

Who will win the crown? Anything can happen, but as usual, we’re more focused on what’s happening with Kara DioGuardi, the show’s fourth judge and a New Rochelle native.
Here’s our favorite Kara highlight from last week’s Judge’s Choice round, as well as some advice for the big finale:

Simon sniped at Kara (and, indirectly, Randy) for choosing One Republic’s “Apologize” for Kris — and then having the nerve to criticize his performance. Sure, Simon was obviously manufacturing a feud. But did Kara have to cover Simon’s mouth to keep him from talking?

Invading someone’s personal space like that makes us vaguely queasy. Leave those type of shenanigans to Paula.

At this stage of the game, what other suggestions can we make? Kara is Kara, and she’s unlikely to change.

And why should she? That’s why you either love her or hate her.

Either way, it’s good for ratings.

Enjoy the finale everyone! And check back here on Friday for our final Kara Watch of the season…

(Photo courtesy of FOX)

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Kara Watch: Our weekly eval of ‘American Idol’ judge Kara DioGuardi


Allison Iraheta finished in fourth place on “American Idol” last week, making the show’s Top Three an all-boys club.

We, however, kept closer watch on fourth judge Kara DioGuardi, who grew up in New Rochelle. Here’s what we observed about Kara last week, and what we hope she improves upon as the contest continues tonight.

Does Kara’s pop culture knowledge only go back to 1990? Seriously, the woman is in her late thirties and supposedly a top-notch music producer.

So how on earth does she think that the songs “Cryin’” and “Crazy” are “early” Aerosmith? Does she not remember those Alicia Silverstone videos? Does she not know the band’s been around since the ’70s?

And how exactly does a Led Zeppelin standard remind her of Nine Inch Nails?

Sheesh. Someone needs some schooling in rock history.


I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again: Adam Lambert makes Kara stupid. And her latest critique may be the chart-topper.

Watching her shriek “Yes! Yes!” after Adam’s performance was uncomfortably reminiscent of Meg Ryan’s famous deli scene in “When Harry Met Sally.” We can only pray that she gets over herself — and him — before the season finale. (Oh, please, we all know Adam will be in the finals.)

Otherwise, Kara’s head might actually explode.

(Photo courtesy of FOX)

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Should ‘American Idol’ keep four judges next season?


Personally, here at Remote Access, we can’t get enough of Kara DioGuardi, the newest judge on “American Idol.”

Maybe we love her because she’s a local gal: She grew up in New Rochelle.

Maybe it’s because she’s offered up more water-cooler-worthy bloopers than Paula this season. (Anyone else up for “Studio 57?”)

Anyway, we hope she sticks around for Season 9, but not everyone feels the same way.

And those Kara-haters will be upset to hear this tidbit that just hit TVGuide.com:

According to Simon Cowell, all four judges will probably be returning.

(Simon has also hinted that he might leave when his contract expires after next season; Paula’s is up this year.)

If true, is the four-judge format a good thing?

Should Kara stay – and Paula go?

Or would you be happy to see Kara say “artistry “one last time – and then walk away for good?

(Photo courtesy of FOX)

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Kara Watch: Our weekly eval of ‘American Idol’ judge Kara DioGuardi


Kara, Randy and Paula overruled Simon to present the mythical “Judge’s Save” to Matt Giraud last week on “American Idol.”

What else did Kara do? Of course, we scrutinized every move made by the polarizing fourth judge, a New Rochelle native.

Here’s a Kara highlight from the latest go-round, and what we’d like to see from her as the contest continues tonight:

LAST WEEK: Hallelujah! Kara finally got through a performance night without saying the words “artist” or “artistry.” Maybe the tag-team approach to judging simply gave her less talking time, but this show of restraint is a real DioGuardi breakthrough.

THIS WEEK: Girl, do not ever, EVER dance and sing along to the song “Maniac.” Or any of the group numbers, for that matter. Even if Paula threatens to bash your head in with one of her doorknocker-size earrings.

Perhaps the proximity to Zac Efron made you lose your mind temporarily? Either way, there’s no excuse for those embarrassing moves.

Repeat after me: I am not at home in my bunny slippers and pajamas. I am on national television.

(Photo courtesy of FOX)

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Kara Watch: Our weekly eval of ‘Americal Idol’ judge Kara DioGuardi


Simon cast the deciding vote on whether to save Scott MacIntyre on “American Idol” last week, and let’s face it, it was time for Piano Boy to go.

But, as always, our attention was more on fourth judge and New Rochelle native Kara DioGuardi.

Here’s one of our Kara observations from last week, and what we beg her to stop doing as the competition continues tonight:

Kara stands out as the most technical judge this season, but lately, her critiques have been a little nonsensical.

She said Kris’s rendition of “All She Wants to Do Is Dance” sounded like “jazz funk homework” and that Danny Gokey took “Stand By Me” to “one level, two levels, three levels.”

Huh? Maybe she’s been sitting next to Paula for too long.


Kara may be browsing the blogosphere and reading some hate mail, because she seems way too surprised these days at applause from the studio audience. If her reaction wasn’t so self-centered, it would almost be sad.

Kara, either dial back the harshness — or get a thicker skin.

(Photo courtesy of FOX)

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Kara Watch: Our weekly eval of ‘American Idol’ judge Kara DioGuardi


Megan Joy wiggled her final Corkrey as expected on “American Idol” last week, but Matt Giraud didn’t join her in the Bottom Three.

Did Kara’s support help save him? Hard to tell, but the shout-out was definitely a highlight for Judge DioGuardi.

Here’s some other thoughts on the show’s fourth judge, who hails from New Rochelle:
LAST WEEK: Oh, Kara, you poor dear. Two weeks ago, you incorrectly counted the words used to describe Adam Lambert’s performance. Then you accidentally said “Studio 57,” instead of famed New York nightclub Studio 54. Here’s the thing: Stay away from numbers.
THIS WEEK: Aside from never wanting to hear Kara utter the word “artistry” again, here’s hoping that she continues to fight for her favorites in this round. It was cool of her to say Matt didn’t deserve to go home last week, even if he did have a bad night. The judges usually aren’t that direct in trying to sway votes, so Kara gets props for shaking things up ever so slightly.

(Photo courtesy of FOX)

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Kara Watch: Our weekly eval of ‘American Idol’ judge Kara DioGuardi


Roughneck Michael Sarver said sayonara to “American Idol” last week. Who’ll be next?

Regardless, our eyes and ears are always on judge Kara DioGuardi, who hails from New Rochelle.

Here’s one of Kara’s highlights from last week, and where we think there’s room for improvement as the competition rolls on tonight.

LAST WEEK: You already know what we’re going to say, right? It was the mathematical faux pas laughed at around the nation – even Ryan Seacrest made fun of it.

Of Adam Lambert’s performance, Kara raved: “I got six words for you: One of the best performances of the night!”

We’ve got two words for you, Kara. Remedial math.

THIS WEEK: Kara seems to be the poster girl for the judges’ emphasis this season on “artistry.” We get it, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to fling the remote at the TV every time she says that word.

(Photo courtesy of FOX)

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The Chuck preview: BSG’s Helfer to ease fans’s withdrawal, melt your TV screen


Such has been my Battlestar Galactica withdrawal that I’ve already begun, just a week after the series finale aired, a complete rewatch of the series.

On Saturday I plowed through the amazing, big screen-worthy 2003 miniseries. (Do you recall that Gaeta was pronounced Guy-tah then, and FTL was referred to as hyperlight?) And last night I watched the epically intense 33, the series’ debut episode, which creator Ronald Moore and star Jamie Bamber (Lee) call their favorite.

I even watched earlier this month the original series pilot, which I can’t really recommend except for the most obsessive or old school fans.

With the Caprica release still a few weeks off, NBC has done a service to those suffering BSG withdrawal by casting Tricia Helfer (Caprica Six) in tonight’s episode of Chuck.
Read the episode summary after the jump…
Read more of this entry »

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Kara Watch: Our weekly eval of new ‘American Idol’ judge Kara DioGuardi


“American Idol” revealed a new rule last week: The judges are now allowed to save one singer rejected by call-in voters. However, they chose not to rescue Jasmine Murray or Jorge Nunez, who both got the boot.

New Rochelle native Kara DioGuardi took part in that unanimous decision, and we continue our ongoing critique of the newest addition to the judges’ table.

Here’s what annoyed us about Kara last week — and what we hope she improves upon as the competition heats up tonight.
LAST WEEK: Everyone was happy to see Scott MacIntyre back at the piano, but his version of Michael Jackson’s obscure “Keep the Faith” was completely cheesy. Kara admitted that it wasn’t the most “dynamic” performance, but said he was inspiring.

How much longer can she repeat that?

Yes, it’s terrific that Scott hasn’t let his visual impairment hold him back, but this is still a singing competition. And he needs to start stepping up his game like everyone else.

Kara should offer some hard-nosed advice, instead of continued praise.

THIS WEEK: Please, Kara, could you at least pretend to discuss the fate of the rejected contestant performing in front of you?

You and Paula sang along with Jorge as Randy and Simon whispered behind your backs. Did the two guys even ask for the ladies’ opinion before pronouncing Jorge’s sentence?

(Photo courtesy of FOX)

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Kara Watch: Our weekly eval of new ‘American Idol’ judge Kara DioGuardi


The “American Idol” judges shocked everyone during last week’s Wild Card episode by announcing the Top 13, the first time the competition has ever had more than 12 finalists.

But instead of debating the merits of Anoop Dogg or Jasmine “I’m Only 17” Murray, we’re evaluating new judge Kara DioGuardi, a New Rochelle native.

Here’s what we liked about Kara last week, and what we’re looking forward to from her as the contest resumes tonight.

LAST WEEK: Anoop Desai’s version of “My Prerogative” drove the crowd wild, and Kara enthusiastically told him that he made her want to “get up and dance.”

Thankfully, she didn’t – unlike Paula, who’s never met a number she couldn’t embarrass herself to. (And this is from a woman who’s a choreographer.) We much prefer Kara’s method of illustrating with words instead of actions.

THIS WEEK: Kara pitches, and boom, Simon hits it out of the park! These two made for a fantastic tag team during the critique of clinically insane Tatiana Del Toro.

When Kara noted with relief that Tatiana wasn’t crying – for once – Simon rolled his eyes and muttered, “She will.” Brilliant.

(Photo courtesy of FOX)

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Kara Watch: Our weekly eval of new ‘American Idol’ judge


Allison, Kris and Adam were put through on last week’s “American Idol,” so we’ve now got half of our Top 12 contestants.

But we’re not here to evaluate the singers. Our focus is on the performance of new judge Kara DioGuardi, a New Rochelle native.

Let’s look back at a Kara moment from last week, and offer a few tips for improvement:

Last week: Kara got fabulously frustrated when Paula seemed incapable of deciding whether Janine Vailes deserved another shot in the contest. (Janine has some killer legs, but butchered Maroon 5’s “This Love.”) After listening to Paula hem and haw for a few seconds, Kara stepped in to give her opinion: N-O.

Her decisiveness was great; our only quibble is that she didn’t have to say she was going “out on a limb.”

Really, Kara? Are you concerned that an “AI” goon squad will give you a talking-to after the show?

This week: Kara should remember that she’s on a live show – as in, don’t go on and on when giving constructive criticism. Advice from Randy and Paula doesn’t often make sense, but those two have mastered the art of the sound bite. Kara, take notes.

(Photo courtesy of FOX)

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Kara Watch: Check out an ongoing review of the new ‘American Idol’ judge


As all “American Idol” fans know, hit songwriter Kara DioGuardi joins Simon, Paula and Randy this season as a new judge.

Since DioGuardi is a New Rochelle native, we decided to track HER progress in the show – rather than the contestants.

I’ve been tracking Kara in the Journal News from the season’s start, but now I’ll be posting Kara Watch on Remote Access, too.

So every Tuesday, I’ll be offering a critique of Kara’s performance from the previous week – and let you know what I’d like to see Kara improve upon in upcoming episodes.

So here you go, everyone, Remote Access’ very first “Kara Watch:”

<blockquote><div>Alexis, Michael and Danny were the lucky three advancing to the Top 12 on “American Idol,” following the season’s first live performances. But we’ve been following the highs and lows of new judge Kara DioGuardi, a New Rochelle native, as she evaluates the contestants.

Last week: Kara continues to prove she’s a good addition to the judges’ table: She’s more decisive than Paula and Randy, but not as cruel as Simon. Of Casey Carlson’s stiff rendition of the Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic,” Kara seemed genuinely sorry to report: “Everything about that was wrong.”
This week: Look, I love Danny Gokey. We all love Danny Gokey. Danny Gokey will probably win the whole shebang. So we don’t really need to have him shoved down our throats so early in the competition. Please, Kara, ease up on the overenthusiastic table-pounding and song-inspired cliches. Danny sang Mariah Carey’s “Hero,” so Kara declared him the “hero” of the night. We get it.</div></blockquote>

(Photo courtesy of FOX)

Posted by Heather Salerno on Tuesday, February 24th, 2009 at 8:00 am |

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