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Office relieves any stress with post-Super Bowl score (And is a wedding in the offing?)


So, did I oversell it? I went pretty far out on a limb with my preview/review last week of Sunday’s post-Super Bowl episode of The Office, “Stress Relief.” In the process I may have stirred some controversy in some corners of the fandom.

That’s because I called this the funniest episode since Season 2 and said that moment between Jim and Pam near the end blew the rest stop marriage proposal out of the water.

Call me crazy — and I know many of you will — but having rewatched the episode three times before it even aired, I stand by my statements.

The reason why is that I finally saw from Pam what I’d been wanting to see not just all season, not just since “The Job,” not even just since “Casino Night” — though that would have been a good time for it. The way she honestly acknowledged Jim’s feelings for her was as close to expressing those same feelings as she’s ever come. I’d still like to hear her say it, but from the look on Jenna Fischer’s face, you knew Pam meant it.

As for the humor, some called it broad, but it landed for me. Dwight’s Hannibal Lechter impression made me laugh the hardest. Bandit falling out of the ceiling and Kevin bashing in the vending machines cracked me up. Read more of this entry »

Posted by Brian Howard on Wednesday, February 4th, 2009 at 1:18 pm |
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